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Indias Most Trusted Organic Product Exporters

Welcome to Pride Organic Exports which is OMRI listed company based in Pudukottai(Tamil Nadu,India), your trusted partner in delivering the purity of Indian organic produce to the world from 2013.

Established with a vision to promote sustainable agriculture and harness the rich biodiversity of India, we take pride in being a leading exporter of organic products to foreign shores.

When you choose Pride Organic Exports, you choose authenticity, quality, and a commitment to a healthier planet. Join us in this journey towards a more sustainable and organic future, where the richness of India's soil meets the discerning taste of the world.

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Our Main product lists

Organic Neem

Ayurvedic texts describe neem as a Universal Healer and Pride Organic Exports provide 100% organic cold pressed neem oil.

MCT oil

MCT oil can help you lose extra weight and also reduce your risk of heart disease. Pride Organic Exports provide 100% Organic MCT oil worldwide.

Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Palm Sugar help prevent heart disease and high cholesterol. Pride Organic Exports produce high quality organic coconut palm sugar.

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter which is also fibre rich as well as iron which helps in improving body metabolism. Pride Organic Exports produce Coconut Butter with fresh organic coconuts.

Organic Karanja

Organic Karanja which is produced from the seeds of Pongamia tree which helps in antiaging and soothing. Pride Organic Exports produce oil from seeds with natural process.

Organic Edible oil

Pride Organic Exports produce high quality Organic Edible Oil which is used for cooking and been exported from India to various countries in the world.

Organic Spices

Pride Organic Exports which is highly trusted exports provide top notch organic spices which makes your food delicious.

Organic spices extract

Certified Organic spices extract used for flavour are made from the finest organic plant which is exported through other countries by Pride Organic Exports

Our Testimonials

Our Customer Feedback is always important in making us move Forward in stepping up our Goals.

  • Daniel Forg @Danielforg, President/CEO

Products from you are always Good and a business with you for more than two years always meet up with our expectations. Good quality Continue with the same.

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  • Roland Jaxon @Rolandjaxon, CEO

You made it so simple with the transportation even in this covid situation. A good quality neem oil is delivered.

  • 3.jpg
  • Robert Rodríguez @RobertRodríguez, Manager

It’s been great collaborating with you guys. We are all very grateful to be working with you to make our customers satified with your products.

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